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Vibrating De-Stoner DAIHO brand DVS-7000

Rp. 87,000,000
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04 Apr 2024
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Vibrating De-Stoner DAIHO DVS-7000


DAIHO DVS-7000 is a modern agricultural machine to separate rice and stone or gravel. DAIHO DVS-7000 can separate a mixture of rock and gravel by utilizing the principles of gravity and vibration. DAIHO DVS-7000 can process rice and stone separating of 5 tons to 7 tons per hour. DAIHO DVS-7000 is the best de stoner machine for those of you who are engaged in processing agricultural products or agribusiness and agro-industry.


Agricultural production is increasing in line with the population growth. Therefore, farmers and agricultural product entrepreneurs are now using appropriate farming technology or agricultural machinery to improve the quality of farmland processing and agricultural product processing. By using agricultural machinery and modern agricultural technology, all agricultural operations are expected to be easier, more practical, time-efficient and cost-efficient.

DAIHO DVS-7000 is a destoner with the largest capacity in its class. This rice de stoner machine has a rice processing capacity of 5 to 7 tons per hour. DAIHO DVS-7000 vibrating de stoner machine is very effective at removing stone mixtures from rice because this machine is equipped with a double deck stone. The machine body is also designed to be simpler and more functional so that users can operate the machine more easily (user friendly). DAIHO DVS-7000 can be the best stone and rice separator solution for the rice industry or other agricultural product managers.

In an effort to increase the productivity of Indonesian agriculture, DAIHO Machinery presents the latest agricultural technology innovations that have been adapted to the needs of farmers and farm product management businesses. DAIHO Machinery provides agricultural machinery, ranging from water pumps, agricultural sprayers, cultivators, planting machines, rice bleach polishing machines, to rice milling units. We sell de stoner DAIHO rice at a reasonable price and can be selected as needed. We sell de stoners with a capacity of 3-8 tons per hour, both for farmers, small-scale rice and food businesses, to large-scale rice industries. Immediately contact our team at the number listed and get the best de stoner engine price quote.


Output: 5-7 ton / hour

Power: 0.25 KW x 2 + 7.5 KW

Weight: 380 kg

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