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Vibrating De-Stoner DAIHO brand DVS-5000

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04 Apr 2024
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Vibrating De-Stoner DAIHO DVS-5000


DAIHO DVS-5000 is a de stoner machine or a stone and rice separator which is often used in the off-farm processing stage. This de stoner stone and rice separator can sort stones and rice with a capacity of 3 to 5 tons per hour. To be able to use the DAIHO DVS-5000 rice stoner engine, users can equip the machine with an electric dynamo drive or a diesel motor. By using the DAIHO DVS-5000, the separation of stone and rice is faster, energy efficient and more accurate.


Rice is one of the largest agricultural products produced from rice plants to be reprocessed into rice. To produce rice of premium value and quality, farmers must go through various processes. One of the processes they have to go through is the process of sorting stones in rice. In the past, rice farmers or workers in the rice factory industry had to spend a long time separating rice and stone by manually sieving, but now modern farmers and agribusinesses can use the latest agricultural technology, namely de stoner machines or stone and rice separating machines.

The DAIHO DVS-5000 rice de stoner machine is specially designed for separating and removing rocks or gravel that are in the harvested rice. This stone and rice separator machine is able to grind 3 - 5 tons of rice per hour using the help of a propulsion in the form of a dynamo or a diesel engine. The DAIHO DVS-5000 rice de stoner uses dual vibrating motors for more stable engine operation. This machine has a compact design and does not require a large space. DAIHO DVS-5000 is equipped with double deck stone for more effective sorting of stones and gravel in rice.

You can get a rice de stoner or a stone and rice separator machine DAIHO you can get at the DAIHO Machinery selling agricultural machinery shop. DAIHO Machinery sells agricultural equipment, sells stone stoners, sells rice polisher, rice husker or huller, mini cultivator tractor, and many other agricultural machines. We also provide electric dynamos and diesel engines to power agricultural equipment ranging from 6 PK to 70 PK. You can visit our shop at Jalan Kembang Jepun No. 36 Surabaya or contact our marketing team at the number listed on the website to get product details, free consultation services, and the best machine discounts.


Output: 3-5 tons / hour

Power: 0.25 KW x 2 + 4 KW

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