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Tamping Rammer DAIHO RM 80

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13 Dec 2023
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DAIHO RM-80 Tamping Rammer


DAIHO RM-80 tamping rammer is a construction machine that is used to compact and level the soil. This machine uses a 5.5 PK petrol engine as its driving force. The DAIHO horse stamper machine has a pressure strength of up to 10 KN at 450 - 650 strokes or beats per minute.


DAIHO RM-80 tamping rammer machine is a construction machine specially designed to compact soil, whether loamy, sandy or gravel. Tamping rammer machine is commonly used in the process of building buildings, road compaction, compacting yards, and other building constructions. Before carrying out the road construction and paving process, usually construction workers will compact and level the soil with a horse stamper machine to minimize the void between soil particles and remove water content in the soil. That way, the ground is ready to be coated with asphalt or other building materials.

DAIHO RM-80 tamping rammer uses gasoline and a 5.5 PK engine like DAIHO GX-160. The strength of pressure or the punch of this DAIHO tamping rammer can reach 10 KN with 450 - 650 strokes per minute. DAIHO horse stampers have a plate area of ​​350 x 290 mm which is effective for compacting soil in large areas. This DAIHO tamping rammer can produce punch jumps of 40 - 65 mm. For those of you who are engaged in a business in the construction sector, the DAIHO RM-80 can be the right choice for a horse stamper or tamping rammer to compact and straighten the soil more effectively and efficiently.

You can get this tamping rammer or soil compacting machine at DAIHO Machines which sells DAIHO brand construction machines. DAIHO Mesin sells several choices of construction machines, ranging from paving or stamp frog compactor, soil compacting machine or horse stamper, asphalt cutter, double drum roller, and power trowel. To find out the prices of other construction machines, please visit our shop or contact our marketing team at the number listed on the website.


Engine Model: GX-160

Engine Power: 5.5 - 6.5 PK

Impact Force: 10 KN

Percussion Rate: 450 - 650 r / min

Jumping Stroke: 40 - 65 mm

Forward Speed: 9 - 13 mm

Bottom Plate Size: 350 x 290 mm

Operation Weight: 75 kg

Package Weight: 85 kg

Dimension (mm): 720 x 520 x 1060 mm

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