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Plate Compator DAIHO PC 95

Rp. 3,700,000
Last Updated
04 Apr 2024
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DAIHO PC-95 Plate Compactor


DAIHO PC-95 plate compactor is a paving block compacting machine to produce paving blocks or flat roads without waves. DAIHO PC-95 plate compactor uses the DAIHO GX-160 petrol engine as its propulsion source. DAIHO PC-95 is capable of compacting paving to a depth of 30 cm at a speed of up to 30 meters per minute.


Plate compactor DAIHO PC-95 is a construction machine that is useful for compacting paving blocks. The soil to be paved needs to be compacted first using a horse stamper so that it becomes a solid ground surface so that the paving blocks do not experience cracks. After the paving block is installed, the paving block is compacted with a frog stamper which aims to get a tidier and less bumpy paving surface. In addition, by using a frog stamper, users can find out the quality of the paving blocks.

The DAIHO PC-95 plate compactor uses gasoline as a driving force. This DAIHO plate compactor has a plate area of ​​51 x 45 cm which is capable of compacting paving to a depth of 30 cm at a speed of 30 meters per minute. The centrifugal power produced by the DAIHO PC-95 plate compactor is 20kn and the vibration frequency is 4500 vpm. DAIHO PC-95 is the choice of the best effective construction machine for the paving block compaction process in order to produce even and quality roads or paving blocks.

Prices of plate compactor circulating in stores usually vary depending on the specifications offered by the machine. DAIHO Machinery sells several DAIHO brand construction machines at reasonable prices, complete with quality assurance and reliable after-sales service. Find quality construction machines, such as frog stampers, horse stampers, soil compacting machines, paving compactors, asphalt cutting machines, concrete vibrators or concrete vibrators, and many other machines at the best prices only at DAIHO Machines.


Engine Choice: GX-160

Base Plate: 51 x 45 cm

Max. Centrifugal Forge: 20 kn

Vibration Frequency: 4500 vpm

Compaction Depth: 30 cm

Forward Speed: up to 30m / min

Compacted Area: up to 700m / min

Operating Weight: 95 kgs

Dimension: 106 x 38 x 92 cm

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