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Sprayer Elektrik DAIHO DBS 16

Rp. 900,000
Last Updated
03 May 2023
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Specification of Sprayer Elektrik DAIHO DBS 16

DAIHO DBS-16 Electric Sprayer



DAIHO DBS-16 is DAIHO's best electric sprayer which has 2 alternative uses, namely by using a battery and manual or pumped. The DAIHO DBS-16 sprayer has a tank capacity of 16 liters and a light engine weight of 7 kg. DAIHO DBS-16 is very suitable for use as an agricultural sprayer, pest sprayer, pesticide sprayer, plant sprayer, lawn sprayer, and various other needs.



DAIHO DBS-16 (2 in 1) is a sprayer or atomizer brand DAIHO which is included in the best seller category. This DAIHO electric sprayer is in great demand by consumers because of its ease of use, easy maintenance of the machine, and only requires relatively low operating costs. DAIHO DBS-16 can be the best electric sprayer machine option to meet the needs of agriculture, plantations and disinfectant activities.

The specifications of the DAIHO DBS-16 sprayer are actually almost similar to the DAIHO DS-16. Both of these electric sprayer machines have a tank capacity of 16 liters of liquid or solution. The DAIHO DBS-16 electric sprayer machine also has a relatively light weight of 7 kg. In addition, both DAIHO DBS-16 and DS-16 sprayers also have the same pressure of about 2.5 - 6 bar. However, the specialty of the DAIHO DBS-16 sprayer is in how it is used. The DAIHO DBS-16 does not only rely on a battery as its driving force, the DAIHO DBS-16 can also be turned on by the manual method, namely by pumping it.

To accommodate the needs of agriculture, plantations and other businesses, DAIHO Machinery provides and sells quality electric sprayers and power sprayers. You can get the price of the electric sprayer and the price of the power sprayer by contacting us at the number listed on the website. Apart from selling agricultural sprayers, we also sell various other agricultural machines which you can see on the product category page.



Capacity: 16 L

Pump: Diaphragm

Electric Power: 1.8-2.2 A

Pressure: 2.5-6 Bar

Input: ACV 100-240, 50-60 Hz

Output: DCV 12, 1 A

Weight: 7 kg

Dimension: 36 x 25 x 55 cm

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