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Rice Screen DAIHO brand WRS-440

Rp. 50,000,000
Last Updated
04 Apr 2024
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1 Unit

DAIHO WRS-440 White Rice Screen


DAIHO WRS-440 is a rice screen or rice sieve machine that is able to separate rice, namely whole rice, head rice, broken rice, and grouted rice. The DAIHO WRS-440 rice sieve machine can process and sort rice as much as 3.5 to 4.4 tons per hour. DAIHO WRS-440 has a simple and functional engine design, making it easy to use. To operate the DAIHO WRS-440 engine, users can use dynamo propulsion and a diesel engine with a power of 1.1 KW.


The agricultural sector is becoming increasingly important in today's national economic growth. This can be seen from controlled food inflation, the decreasing number of rural poor people, and better welfare of farmers. The success of agricultural development cannot be separated from the role of agricultural technology innovation. Agricultural technology covers the entire process of farming, starting from the pre-planting process (on farm), the planting process, to the processing of agricultural products (off farm). One of the agricultural machines commonly used is a rice screen.

DAIHO WRS-440 is a rice screen machine that has the largest rice sorting capacity of up to 4.4 tons per hour. The DAIHO WRS-440 leverages Japanese technology and tough materials for long-term use. DAIHO WRS-440 has 3 layers of sieve with a large capacity, so that the sieving process of rice becomes faster and more practical. The design of the DAIHO WRS-440 is simple and functional to make it easier for users to operate the machine. The DAIHO WRS-440 rice sieve machine is perfect for complementing the needs of food businesses or factories and the rice industry.

DAIHO Machinery sells the most complete agricultural machinery with quality assurance along with warranty and after-sales service. We sell rice screen rice sieve machines, grain huller machines, rice whitening polisher machines, rice polisher machines, de-stoners, and other agricultural machines. The price of the rice screen rice sieve machine varies depending on the output specifications produced. You can get free machine consultation services with our support team to find out which agricultural machines suit your needs and also get special machine discounts only at DAIHO Machines.


Output: 3.5-4.4 ton / hour

Power: 1.1 KW

Weight: 600 kg

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