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Water Pump DAIHO ZB-100

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14 Mar 2024
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DAIHO ZB-100 Water Pump


DAIHO ZB-100 is a water pump with a pipe diameter of 100 mm which is commonly used for irrigation or construction projects. This DAIHO water pump can absorb and push water or fluid along 26 meters, where the DAIHO ZB-100 pump can absorb water with a depth of 8 meters. The DAIHO ZB-100 is capable of delivering water with a capacity of 4000 liters per minute, so this water pump is very suitable for agricultural use and project needs.


Modern agricultural tools change the traditional farming system to modern agriculture which functions to make it easier for farmers to do their job. Before the existence of modern agricultural tools, farmers needed a lot of energy and time to carry out agricultural activities, from planting seeds, irrigating rice fields, loosening rice fields, to processing agricultural products. Now farmers can use agricultural machines to increase agricultural production, one of these modern agricultural tools is the irrigation water pump.

DAIHO ZB-100 is water pump that has a pump pipe diameter of 100 mm. DAIHO ZB-100 water pump can suck water from a source with a depth of 8 meters, and remove or push water up to 18 meters, so that this water pump can drain or move water up to 26 meters long. Users can use a gasoline engine 9 PK to operate the DAIHO ZB-100 irrigation pump. DAIHO ZB-100 pump can move or flow water with a capacity of 4000 liters per minute, so this water pump is suitable for irrigation of rice fields and project needs.

The price of the water pump that we offer varies from around 1 million according to the pump diameter and engine specifications. Apart from water pumps, we also sell other agricultural machines such as mini tillers or mini tractor cultivators, corn and seed growers, sprayers, gasoline motors, diesel motors, and various other agricultural machines. You can visit our shop at Surabaya to find out other product details and also get the best offers and discounts.



Connection Diameter: 100mm (3.0 ")

Connection Thread: Outer Pipe Thread

Total Head: 26 m

Delivery Volume: 4000 L / min

Suction Head: 8 m


Model: GX-390

Type: Air Cooled 4-stroke OHV 25 ° inclined Cylinder Horizontal Shaft

Displacement: 270 cc

Bore x Stroke: 77 x 58 mm

Compression Ratio: 8.2: 1

Maximum Power Output: 9PS / 3600rpm

Maximum Torque (kg.m): 1.95 / 2500rpm

Starting System: Recoil

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