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Water Pump Zhang Jiang 8HB-35

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04 Apr 2024
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Water Pump

Zhang Jiang 8HB-35 Water Pump


Zhang Jiang 8HB-35 is a water pump or water pump that can deliver water with a capacity of 450 m³ per hour. The Zhang Jiang 8HB-35 water pump has a total head of 10 meters, where the machine can suck or absorb water up to a depth of 4.5 meters and can push the water out up to 5.5 meters. Zhang Jiang's water pump is often used for pond hydraulic systems, both for draining and filling pond water.


Water plays a vital function for everyday life, both for personal life, household needs, to business. Not only for consumption, water is also used for sanitation, watering crops, rice field irrigation, construction mix materials, and various household and other business needs. To be able to get access to clean water easily, a device called a water pump is needed. The water pump will suck up the water source and be pushed out to be distributed to the destination according to what we want. This machine uses the working principle of a difference in pressure to be able to move water from one source to another.

One of the water pumps that are often used for fishpond and fish pond business purposes is the Zhang Jiang 8HB-35 water pump. The Zhang Jiang 8HB-35 water pump has a water delivery capacity of up to 450 m³ per hour. This pump can suck or absorb water up to a depth of 4.5 meters and push the water out 5.5 meters, so that the total head or power of the Zhang Jiang 8 HB-35 water pump reaches 10 meters. To use this water pump, users can use an engine or dynamo with a power of 30 PK or 22 KW with an engine speed of 1450 rpm.

You can get this Zhang Jiang water pump at stores that sell water pumps such as DAIHO Machines. DAIHO Machinery sells water pumps for ponds, water pumps for rice fields, water pumps for construction, water pumps for fish ponds, and circulation pumps or diesel engine cooling pumps. The price of the water pump offered varies depending on the specifications offered. To get product details and the best water pump price offer, you can contact our team at the number listed on the website.


Capacity: 450 m³ / h

Total Head: ≥10 m

Rated Speed: 1450 rpm

Power (HP / KW): 30/22

Suction Head: 4.5

Weight: 158 kg

Dimension: 74 x 50 x 64 cm

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