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Water Pump RHINO SU 50

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04 May 2023
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Water Pump

Specification of Water Pump RHINO SU 50

RHINO SU-50 Water Pump


RHINO SU-50 is a 2 dim or 2 inch water pump with a pipe diameter of 50 mm. This water pump has a rated head of 36 meters with the ability to flow 25 m³ of water per hour. To operate this water pump, users can use a dynamo or a propulsion engine with a power of 5.5 PK and a rotation of 3600 rpm. RHINO SU-50 is the best water pump solution for irrigation needs.


The water pump functions to drain water from a water source to another place. Water pumps have various types, so users are advised to choose a water pump with the type or type that suits their needs before buying. Some considerations before buying a water pump are the water depth, voltage or power, the quality of the water pump, and the price of the water pump. One of the water pumps that farmers often use for irrigation or irrigating rice fields is RHINO SU-50.

The RHINO SU-50 water pump is a water pump or water pump with a pipe diameter of 2 dim or 50 mm. The RHINO SU-50 water pump has a 36 meter rated head or pump capability. RHINO SU-50 requires a dynamo or engine with a power of 5.5 PK and an engine rotation speed of 3600 rpm. The RHINO SU-50 water pump can be the right choice for those of you who need a pump for field irrigation needs.

To get an irrigation water pump or pond water pump, you can visit the DAIHO Machinery shop. DAIHO Mesin sells water pumps with various specifications and brands that you can choose according to your needs. The price of the water pump that we offer also varies depending on the specifications of the water pump and its quality. You can contact us at the number listed to get product information and offer the best pump prices.


Connection Diameter: 50 mm

Head: 36 m

Capacity: 25 m³ / h

Speed: 3600 rpm

Power (HP): 5.5

Dimension: 370 x 225 x 240 mm

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