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Mini Road Roller DAIHO

Rp. 45,000,000
Last Updated
09 Mar 2022
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1 Unit

Specification of Mini Road Roller DAIHO

DAIHO Mini Road Roller


DAIHO mini road roller is a machine used for road or asphalt construction projects. The mini road roller machine is effective for grinding asphalt and ground surfaces to level and smooth asphalt and soil. This machine uses the DAIHO GX-270 petrol engine as a source of propulsion. The DAIHO mini road roller is able to level and smooth asphalt at speeds of up to 3.5 km per hour and a frequency of 4200 vpm.


Double drum roller or mini road roller is heavy equipment that is often used for infrastructure projects. The function of the double drum roller is as a machine for grinding to get a smoother surface of objects, such as grinding asphalt during road construction, grinding the ground to level and smooth the soil and reducing water permeability to the ground, as well as grinding functions in other road projects. This asphalt grinding is carried out with the intention of making the asphalt mixture solid and producing a smoother and even asphalt road quality.

The DAIHO DDR-642 mini road roller has an engine weight of 550 kg. The DAIHO double drum roller or mini road roller machine requires a 9 PK petrol engine (DAIHO GX-270) as a source of driving power. The speed that can be produced by this mini road roller engine is 0-3.5 km per hour. The capacity of the water tank on the DAIHO road roller is 50 liters and hydraulic oil is 2.55 liters. Mini road rollers can be the best choice of construction machines for those of you who need a double drum roller at a more economical price.

DAIHO double drum rollers or mini road rollers are already sold at DAIHO Machinery, a shop that sells DAIHO brand machines as well as the official distributor of DAIHO brand machines. Not only selling mini road roller machines or double drum rollers, DAIHO Machinery also provides other construction machines complete with driving machines that you can choose according to your needs. Immediately visit the store or contact our team at the number listed on the website to get other product information and also get special machine discounts only at DAIHO Machines.


Model: DDR642

Weight: 550 kg

Power: 6 kW

Speed: 0 - 3.5 km / h

Water Tank Capacity: 50 L

Hydraulic Oil: 2.55 L

Frequency: 4200 vpm

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