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Mini Planter Daiho MP-10/12

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29 Sep 2022
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Specification of Mini Planter Daiho MP-10/12

Sell ​​Daiho Mini Planter MP-10/12


Row Spacing: 15, 17, 19 cm

Seed Capacity: 3 kg

Seeding Depth: 50-60 mm

Nozzle Number: 10-12

Weight: 12 kg


Along with the development of technology in agriculture, modern farmers have now switched to using mechanical power to complete various jobs, including planting plant seeds. In the past, farmers had to make a hole in the soil, put in plant seeds, and cover the hole again. Now, farmers can take advantage of agricultural technology in the form of mini planters or planting machines to get a more effective and efficient planting process.


Daiho MP-10/12 Mini Planter is a seed planting machine where this machine can make a hole in the soil, plant seeds, and cover the soil hole simultaneously. Farmers can adjust the spacing between seedlings as far as 15 cm, 17 cm and 19 cm by using the Daiho MP-10/12 Mini Planter machine. The seeds planted by the Daiho MP-10/12 Mini Planter machine have a depth of 50-60 mm. This Daiho MP-10/12 Mini Planter machine can accommodate up to 3 kg of plant seeds. This 12 kg machine is suitable for those of you who want a more practical and faster process of planting seeds.


Daiho Mesin as the leading and most complete machine vendor in Indonesia plays a role in increasing agricultural productivity in Indonesia by presenting mini planter or seeders. We provide various variants of agricultural machines and other planting tools as the best agricultural equipment solutions. Immediately visit our store or call the number listed to get agricultural machinery with the best price offer and our trusted after-sales service.

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