Rice Polisher DAIHO DAP-180
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24 May 2021
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Specification of Rice Polisher DAIHO DAP-180

DAIHO DAP-180 Rice Polishing Machine


DAIHO DAP-180 is a rice polisher or rice polisher which is designed from a stone grinder. DAIHO DAP-180 rice polisher or polisher uses technology from Japan which is guaranteed to have a fairly high level of durability. DAIHO DAP-180 polisher machine can separate rice bran and produce white rice as much as 2.5 - 3 tons per hour. DAIHO DAP-180 is the best solution for small and medium scale agribusiness owners.


In this sophisticated era, agricultural technology in Indonesia is growing rapidly. Agricultural technology is considered capable of increasing farmer productivity and increasing the selling value of rice for agribusiness or agro-industrial business owners. One indicator of the selling value of rice can be seen from the color of the rice produced. The whiter and shinier the color, the higher the selling value of the rice. Therefore, farmers and agribusiness or agro-industrial business owners often use agricultural technology machines, such as polisher machines to produce quality white rice.

DAIHO DAP-180 is an agricultural machine specially designed for polishing and whitening rice. The harvested rice will be put into the paddy husker to peel the rice from the unhulled skin, after which the rice is processed using the DAIHO DAP-180 stone polisher machine. DAIHO DAP-180 rice whitening polisher machine can whiten rice with a capacity of 2.5 - 3 tons per hour. To operate this machine, users can use an engine with a power of 30-40 PK.

You can get a variety of agricultural machines, such as paddy husker peeler, rice polisher bleaching and polishing machine, paddy separator and paddy separator, grain and stone de-stoner separator, and other agricultural machines you can now get easier at a reasonable price DAIHO Machinery shop. DAIHO Machines sell rice bleaching polisher machines and many other agricultural machines that you can choose according to your needs. Polisher machine prices vary according to the specifications offered. You can take advantage of consulting services with our support team through the number listed on the website to find out which polisher machine is suitable for your needs and also get the best polisher machine price offer.


Output: 2.5-3 ton / hour

Power: 30-40 HP

Weight: 450 kg

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