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Grass Cutter Katana PR 328A

Rp. 1,250,000
Last Updated
26 Feb 2022
Minimum Order
1 Unit
Grass Cutter

Specification of Grass Cutter Katana PR 328A

Katana PR-328A Grass Cutter


The Katana PR-328A is a lawn mower with almost the same specifications as the Katana PR-328 lawn mower. The Katana PR-328A belongs to the category 2 TAK lawn mower with 2 blade options (reel and rotary). Users can use the lawn mower more safely with the hood or shield on the Katana PR-328A lawnmower.


PR-328A Katana lawn mower is a 2 TAK carrying lawn mower which is commonly used for activities in rice fields, gardens, parks, fields and other large areas of land. The lawn mower is often used as a matun tool or a tool for rice weeding, rice cutting machines and rice harvesting, cutting paddy weeds. Not only used for agricultural and plantation activities, now lawn mowers are also modified into other unique machines, such as a water pump based on a lawn mower and a lawn mower bicycle.

Katana PR-328A actually has the same engine specifications as the Katana PR-328 lawn mower. Both of these carrying grass mowers are capable of trimming grass with a range of 41.5 cm using a 25.5 cm blade. Katana PR-328A can also accommodate as much as 0.8 liters of gasoline as a source of propulsion. In addition, these two Katana lawn mowers also have a light engine weight of 11 kg. However, what distinguishes these two machines is that the Katana PR-328A is equipped with a shield or hood and shield, so that users can use a lawn mower more safely and avoid work accidents that occur due to the use of lawn mower blades.

You can find these Katana mowers at stores that sell agricultural machinery and sell lawn mowers such as DAIHO Machinery. We provide the Katana PR-328, Katana PR-328A, and other quality paddy reaper machines with lawn mower prices starting from just 1 million. Immediately contact our marketing team at the number listed and get the best lawn mower price quote right now.


Engine type: 1E36FB - 2 stroke engine

Discharge capacity: 30.5 cc

Blade length: 255 mm

Cutting width: 415 mm

Fuel tank capacity: 0.8 L

Carburetor type: Float

Additional: Shield

Weight: 11 kg

Dimension: 27 x 24 x 36

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