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Rice Polisher DAIHO TQN- 168

Rp. 52,000,000
Last Updated
27 Oct 2022
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Specification of Rice Polisher DAIHO TQN- 168

DAIHO TQN-168 Rice Polisher Machine



DAIHO TQN-168 is a rice polisher machine for separating rice bran so as to produce whiter and cleaner rice. The DAIHO TQN-168 polisher machine weighs 450 kg. DAIHO TQN-168 rice polisher machine can separate rice bran and produce white rice up to 2 - 2.5 tons per hour. To operate the DAIHO TQN-168 polisher engine, users can use a dynamo or a propulsion engine such as a diesel motor or gasoline motor with a power of 40 - 50 PK.



Rice is the main staple food for the majority of Indonesia's population. Therefore, farmers are competing to produce the best quality rice in order to get a higher selling value. To produce the best quality rice, modern farmers can now use a variety of rice or rice processing machines, such as paddy husker, rice polisher, rice sieve machine, de-stoner machine, and various other rice grinding machines. One of the most commonly used machines is a rice polisher or polisher.

DAIHO TQN-168 is a polisher machine or rice polishing machine with an iron grinder that can produce a whiter rice color. The DAIHO TQN-168 polisher machine works by separating the rice bran, so that the rice looks whiter and cleaner. The DAIHO TQN-168 polisher can produce white rice with a capacity of 2 to 2.5 tons per hour. To operate this polisher machine, users can use propulsion with a power of 40 - 50 PK. The DAIHO TQN-168 polisher machine with a weight of 450 kg is suitable for those of you who need a rice polisher or whitener at an affordable price.

DAIHO Machinery as the official distributor of the DAIHO brand sells a variety of the latest agricultural technologies, including paddy husker, paddy separator, paddy cleaner, polisher, kebi machine, de-stoner, and other agricultural machines. We also sell dynamo engines and diesel engines to drive agricultural machinery. All machines we sell are guaranteed original DAIHO brand, complete with after-sales service and warranty. To find out more about other agricultural machines, please contact our team at the number listed on the website.



Output: 2-2.5 ton / hour

Power: 40-50 HP

Weight: 450 kg

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