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Rice Polisher DAIHO brand DAP-250

Rp. 57,000,000
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04 Apr 2024
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DAIHO DAP-250 Rice Polishing Machine



DAIHO DAP-250 is a polisher machine with a stone grinder which is able to remove rice bran and produce white cracked rice. The DAIHO DAP-250 polisher machine can polish and whiten rice with a capacity of 2.5 - 4 tons per hour. To use the DAIHO DAP-250 polisher engine, users can use a dynamo or a diesel engine with a power of 30-40 PK as the driving force.



Rice is the main commodity for the majority of Indonesians to fulfill their nutritional needs. To produce quality white rice, farmers have to go through a long process, starting from breaking grain or peeling the skin, whitening it, to separating rice from grain and stone. Rice that has been harvested needs to be peeled first using a grain peeler or paddy husker. Furthermore, rice that has been separated from unhulled rice will be put in a rice polishing machine or polisher to produce pure white rice. One of the polisher machines that are often used by farmers and agribusinesses in Indonesia is the DAIHO DAP-250.

DAIHO DAP-250 is a polisher machine with a stone grinder which is effective for separating the epidermis into white, slightly brownish yellow brown rice. Usually, after rice is processed from a stone polisher machine such as the DAIHO DAP-250, it can be reprocessed into whiter rice using an iron polisher. The DAIHO DAP-250 polisher can process rice into white rice up to 2.5 - 3 tons per hour. Users can use a dynamo or a diesel motor engine with a power of 30-40 PK to operate the DAIHO DAP-250 polisher.

DAIHO Machinery as the official distributor of the DAIHO brand sells rice polisher or rice support machines, both for small to large capacities that can be selected as needed. The price of a rice polisher varies according to the processing capacity of the rice. DAIHO Machinery provides polisher machines for small-scale food businesses to large food businesses such as agribusiness and agro-industry. To get the best polisher price quote, you can visit our store or contact our marketing team at the number listed on the website.



Output: 2.5-3 ton / hour

Power: 30-40 HP

Weight: 450 kg

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