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Paddy Husker / Paddy Huller DAIHO DH-350

Rp. 94,000,000
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03 Oct 2022
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Specification of Paddy Husker / Paddy Huller DAIHO DH-350

Paddy Husker DAIHO DH-350


DAIHO DH-350 is a paddy husker or paddy huller that is used to peel grain skin into cracked rice. The DAIHO DH-350 grain peeler machine requires an engine or motor with a power of 10 PK. Paddy husker or paddy huller DAIHO DH-350 can peel grain skin into cracked rice up to 3 - 3.5 tons per hour. By using the DAIHO DH-350, agricultural operations have become more practical, effective and efficient.


In this sophisticated and fast-paced era, modern agricultural technology is growing rapidly. In the past, farmers needed large amounts of energy and spent a lot of time, now modern farmers can use rice processing machines or rice mills to produce ready-to-sell crops. In the past, farmers had to break grain manually which took days to get cracked rice, now farmers can produce cracked rice in just a matter of hours using a machine. One of the machines that are often used by modern farmers in processing rice yields is Paddy Husker or Paddy Huller.

DAIHO DH-350 is an example of a modern agricultural machine used to process rice harvests. DAIHO DH-350 is commonly used to peel the skin of rice grains into cracked rice. Paddy husker or rice crusher DAIHO DH-350 can be operated by using a motor engine with a power of 10 HP or 10 PK. By using a paddy husker machine or paddy huller DAIHO DH-350, farmers can peel unhulled rice and produce up to 3 - 3.5 tons per hour of cracked rice (CPC).

A variety of quality agricultural machines can now be obtained more easily at the best prices accompanied by after-sales service at the DAIHO Machinery agricultural machinery shop. DAIHO Mesin sells paddy husker and paddy huller, DAIHO brand paddy huller, complete with a warranty. The price of the paddy husker grain shelling machine is priced quite reasonably according to the specifications and quality offered. To get information on other agricultural machines and the best agricultural machine price offers, you can directly visit our store or call us at the number listed on the website.


Output: 3-3.5 ton / hour

Power: 10 HP

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