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Diesel Engine Drive Amec S-1130 Without Hopper

Rp. 13,500,000
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04 Apr 2024
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1 Unit

Sell ​​Diesel Engine Amec S-1130 Without Hopper


Type: Single Cylinder, Four Stroke

Combustion System: Direct Injection

Displacement: 1,591 L

Rated Output: 35 HP

Rated Speed: 2400 rpm

Specific Fuel Consumption (g / kw h): ≤257.2

Specific Lube Oil Consumption (g / kw h): ≤2.72

Cooling Method: Water Cooling

Starting Method: Hand Cranking

Net Weight: 210 kg

Method of Power Output: Flywheel End Output

Overall Dimension: 880 x 410 x 700 mm

In the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, various social, educational, economic, work activities are always associated with the use of automation machines. Today's technology has indeed penetrated into various sectors. For example, the agricultural sector is now applying technological developments to make optimization in the form of increased yields (quality and quantity) and efficient use of resources. In the past, farmers only relied on buffalo power to plow fields and now they work more productively using tractor machines.

Amec S-1130 without hopper is a diesel engine that we often use in our daily life. Compared to other Amec diesel engines, this engine is the engine that has the largest rated output. Amec S-1130 without hopper is capable of producing power up to 35 HP with an rated speed of 2400 rpm. The Amec S-1130 without hopper uses water cooling as its cooling system. This 210 kg machine is very suitable for project needs.

We, as the most complete and quality engine vendor in Indonesia, have contributed to the era of the industrial revolution by providing a wide selection of diesel engines. We have diesel engines ranging from 6 PK to 35 PK which you can choose according to your needs. Please visit our store or contact us via the number listed for more complete information including prices, how to order / purchase, and product specifications.

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