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Rice Fine Polisher DAIHO DFP-400

Rp. 162,000,000
Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
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Specification of Rice Fine Polisher DAIHO DFP-400

DAIHO DFP-400 Rice Fine Polisher



DAIHO DFP-400 is a kebi machine that is often used by modern farmers and agribusiness or agro-industry players to remove rice husks. The DAIHO DFP-400 rice whitening machine or rice fine polisher has the capability of polishing glossy white rice up to 3-4 tons of rice per hour. The DAIHO DFP-400 policy engine can be started using propulsion, such as a dynamo or a diesel motor engine with a power of 60-75 PK.



Rice circulating in the market is generally in the form of sosoh rice (white rice) which has been cleaned to the epidermis and seed membranes. To produce sosoh rice that is attractive and displays a premium impression, farmers and food businesses need to process the harvested rice in various stages. One of the most important steps to produce shiny white rice and increase the selling value of rice in the market is the rice mash process. Rice that has been harvested and removed from its unhulled skin needs to be processed in a polisher machine, then the rice is polished again until the rice is shiny white using a kebi machine or a rice fine polisher.

DAIHO DFP-400 is one of the newest forms of agricultural technology which is commonly used to separate the bran and polish rice to produce premium rice with a glossy white color. The DAIHO DFP-400 policy polisher machine can be used after the rice is processed and bleached first in an iron polisher machine, such as the DAIHO DP-250. This Japanese technology kebi machine has the ability to produce shiny white rice as much as 3-4 tons of rice per hour. In order to operate the DAIHO DFP-400 policy machine, users will need a propulsion with a power of 60 - 75 PK.

You can find various types of rice polisher machines, such as iron polisher machines, stone polisher machines, and kebi machines at DAIHO Machinery selling agricultural equipment shops. DAIHO Machines sell kebi machines, iron and stone polisher machines, mini cultivators or mini tractors, corn and seed planting machines, sprayers, irrigation pumps or rice field pumps, and various other agricultural tools. The price of the rice filling machine varies according to the specifications of the engine's output capacity. You can get discounts and the best price quotes by contacting our marketing team at the number listed on the website.



Output: 3-4 tons / hour

Power: 60-75 HP

Weight: 900 kg

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