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Rice Fine Polisher DAIHO DFP-300

Rp. 126,000,000
Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
Minimum Order
1 Unit

Specification of Rice Fine Polisher DAIHO DFP-300

DAIHO DFP-300 Rice Bleaching Machine



DAIHO DFP-300 is a form of agricultural technology that can be used to polish rice and produce premium quality crystal rice. DAIHO DFP-300 kebi machine can produce glossy white rice or crystal rice with a capacity of 2.5 - 3 tons per hour. Users can use the DAIHO DFP-300 kebi engine with 50-60 PK of propulsion. DAIHO DFP-300 is effective for producing premium quality glossy white rice.



Technological developments in the modern era, such as today, have an important role in supporting the optimization of all sectors, including the agricultural sector. By using technology, various obstacles commonly faced by farmers can be minimized, as well as an increase in work efficiency. One technology that can be applied to improve the quality of rice is a kebi machine or rice fine polisher. The kebi machine works by removing the epidermis layer on the rice grains, so that the rice produced will be shiny white.

After the rice has gone through the cracking phase of the unhulled husk in a husker machine such as the DAIHO DH-350, the rice is processed in a rice polisher such as the DAIHO DAP-180 or DAIHO DP-250 so that the rice bran is eroded and produces white rice. Then, the white rice is reprocessed using the DAIHO DFP-300 kebi machine to be polished and produce premium quality glossy white rice. The DAIHO DFP-300 has a rice processing capacity of up to 2.5 - 3 tons per hour. To operate the DAIHO DFP-300 policy machine, you need to use a diesel engine or dynamo with a power of 50 - 60 PK. Rice processed by the DAIHO DFP-300 kebi machine has a intact and shiny texture, so that the quality and selling value of the rice also increases.

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Output: 2.5-3 ton / hour

Power: 50-60 HP

Weight: 850 kg

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