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Rice Fine Polisher DAIHO DFP-250

Rp. 113,500,000
Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
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1 Unit

Specification of Rice Fine Polisher DAIHO DFP-250

DAIHO DFP-250 Rice Fine Polisher



DAIHO DFP-250 is a kebi machine that processes rice into glossy white rice with a capacity of 2 - 2.5 tons per hour. To use the DAIHO DFP-250 policy engine, users can take advantage of a dynamo or a diesel motor with a power of 50 - 60 PK. The DAIHO DFP-250 kebi machine is perfect for those of you who need a rice grinder to increase the selling price of rice.



Rice has become the largest source of carbohydrates and staple food for the people of Indonesia. Processing rice into ready-to-consume rice is not a short process. Farmers need to go through the stages of rice harvesting, threshing, transporting, drying, storing and milling until the rice is ready to be marketed. To shorten the time of processing rice and increase the selling value of rice in the market, modern farmers are now using agricultural tools in the form of kebi machines. One example of a kebi machine commonly used by Indonesian farmers and agribusinesses is the DAIHO DFP-250.

DAIHO DFP-250 is a rice fine polisher or kebi machine, where the DAIHO DFP-250 can grind rice and produce glossy white rice. DAIHO DFP-250 kebi machine is capable of polishing rice as much as 2 - 2.5 tons per hour. DAIHO DFP-250 requires a propulsion in the form of a dynamo or a diesel motor with a power of 50 - 60 PK. By using the DAIHO DFP-250 policy machine, rice farmers and agribusiness or agro-industry can produce premium quality rice and increase the selling value of rice more easily, effectively and efficiently.

The DFP-250 policy machine can already be found in stores and the official distributor of the DAIHO brand, namely the DAIHO Machine. DAIHO Mesin sells rice fine polisher kebi machines with various output capacities that can be selected as needed. DAIHO kebi machine prices start at around 80 million, complete with warranty and after-sales service. You can get other product information and the best machine discounts by visiting our store or contacting our marketing team at the number listed on the website.



Output: 2-2.5 ton / hour

Power: 50-60 HP

Weight: 800 kg

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