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Primary Crusher (Jaw Crusher) DAIHO PE 900 x 1200

Rp. 2,550,000,000
Last Updated
02 May 2023
Minimum Order
1 Unit
Jaw Crusher

Specification of Primary Crusher (Jaw Crusher) DAIHO PE 900 x 1200

DAIHO PE Jaw Crusher Stone Crusher 900 x 1200 


DAIHO PE 900 x 1200 jaw crusher is a stone crusher specially designed to crush the hardest large rocks, before reprocessing with secondary and tertiary stone crushers. The DAIHO PE 900 x 1200 jaw crusher is capable of breaking stones measuring 75 cm into 100-200 mm as much as 144-450 tons per hour.


DAIHO PE stone crusher 900 x 1200 is a stone crusher machine that is often used for mining and construction needs in processing large, hard textured natural stone. Stone that has been broken by a DAIHO PE 900 x 1200 stone crusher will undergo further splitting with a secondary or tertiary stone crusher and then classified based on stone size using a vibrating screen.

The jaw crusher DAIHO PE 900 x 1200 is designed as a jaw shape with a mouth size of 900 mm x 1200 mm. With the size of a stone crusher of this size, DAIHO PE 900 x 1200 can process stones with the largest sizes up to 750 mm or 75 cm. This 75 cm stone will be broken down into 100-200 mm with a capacity of 144-450 tons of stone per hour. For those of you who are looking for a quality stone crusher with a simple design, easy maintenance, and a practical operating system, the DAIHO PE 900 x 1200 can be the best stone crusher machine option.

Stone crusher machine prices vary, depending on the specifications offered by the machine. The bigger the stone you want to break, the more expensive the stone crusher will be. DAIHO Mesin sells stone crusher machines with stone crusher prices starting at around IDR 30 million. To get information on the price list for other stone crusher stone crusher machines, you can call the number listed or visit the DAIHO Machinery shop.


Jaw crusher mouth size: 900 mm x 1200 mm

Maximum entry stone size: 750 mm

Exit stone size: 100 - 200 mm

Capacity: 144 - 450 tons per hour

Power required: 132 KW

Weight: 50 tons

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