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Rice Fine Polisher DAIHO KB-250

Rp. 160,000,000
Last Updated
06 Jan 2023
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Specification of Rice Fine Polisher DAIHO KB-250

DAIHO KB-250 Kebi Machine



DAIHO KB-250 is a rice processing machine capable of producing glossy white rice with a capacity of 2 - 2.5 tons per hour. The DAIHO KB-250 policy engine can be operated with dynamo propulsion or a diesel engine with a power of 37 - 45 PK. By using the DAIHO KB-250 rice fine polisher machine, farmers and agribusiness food industry business owners can produce premium quality glossy white rice more effectively and efficiently.



Indonesia is an agricultural country, where the agricultural sector plays an important role in the progress of the community's economy. Therefore, the Indonesian government is now encouraging modern farmers to apply agricultural technology in order to increase the productivity and quality of agricultural products themselves. Agricultural technology innovation is considered very important for the advancement of the agricultural sector. In addition to improving the quality of agricultural products, agricultural technology also makes it easier for agricultural sector managers to obtain optimal results. One of the agricultural technologies that are often used by rice farmers and the food industry today is the kebi machine or rice fine polisher.

DAIHO KB-250 is a rice fine polisher that is commonly used by farmers and rice industry businesses. DAIHO KB-250 scrubbing machine is used to peel the rice bran and polish the rice so that the rice has a shiny white color. This glossy white rice will be sold in the market at a higher selling price than brown rice. The capacity of DAIHO KB-250 kebi machine for polishing and polishing rice is around 2 to 2.5 tons per hour. To use the DAIHO KB-250 kebi engine, users can use a dynamo or diesel engine with a power of 37 to 45 PK.

DAIHO Mesin sells various types of kebi engine polisher complete with engine power that can be selected as needed. Not only selling polisher machines for large-scale business needs such as industry, we also provide small polisher machines for the needs of small scale businesses and households. The price of the kebi machine or polisher machine that we offer also varies. To find out more about ordering products, detailed machine information, and the best price offer, please visit our store or contact our marketing team at the number listed on the website.



Output: 2-2.5 ton / hour

Power: 37-45 HP

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