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Rice Fine Polisher DAIHO KB-130

Rp. 88,500,000
Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
Minimum Order
1 Unit

Specification of Rice Fine Polisher DAIHO KB-130

DAIHO KB-130 Kebi Machine



DAIHO KB-130 is a rice fine polisher or kebi machine that is used to polish rice and produce glossy white rice or crystal rice. The DAIHO KB-130 kebi machine can process rice into glossy white rice with a capacity of 1 - 1.5 tons per hour. This machine requires a propulsion in the form of a dynamo or a diesel engine with a power of 40 - 50 PK.



Rice is the staple food for almost all Indonesian people, where the rice consumption rate is increasing every year. The high rate of demand for rice encourages farmers to compete with each other to produce the best quality rice. The use of modern rice processing technology is now being intensified by the government to support farmers' efforts to improve the quality of rice, from low or medium quality rice to premium quality rice.

Most Indonesian farmers use 2 types of rice or rice grinders, namely paddy husker or grain peeler and polisher or rice polishing and supporting machine. This small-scale agricultural technology will produce medium quality rice. To improve the quality of medium rice to premium rice, farmers can now use a kebi machine or a rice fine polisher such as the DAIHO KB-130. DAIHO KB-130 can process and produce premium rice with glossy white color. DAIHO KB-130 is capable of polishing shiny white rice with a capacity of 1 - 1.5 tons per hour with a driving power of 40 - 50 PK.

DAIHO Machinery contributes to the development of agricultural technology by presenting kebi machines as the best agricultural machine solutions to improve the quality of rice production in Indonesia. DAIHO Mesin sells kebi machines with a capacity of 1 - 1.5 tons per hour, namely the DAIHO KB-130. We also sell other types of kebi machines with prices varying according to the engine output specifications. Get product information and offer the best kebi machine prices that are suitable for your business needs by contacting us at the number listed.



Output: 1-1.5 ton / hour

Power: 40-50 HP

Weight: 300 kg

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