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Rhino FFC 15 Disk Mill

Rp. 920,000
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15 Dec 2023
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Rhino FFC-15 Disk Mill Machine


JIMO FFC-15 is a flour milling machine or flour milling machine that is capable of refining dry raw materials, such as milling rice flour, corn, soybeans, beans, coffee, and other dry raw materials. This JIMO grinding machine uses a gasoline engine and is capable of producing flour up to 28 kg per hour.


A flour milling machine or what is often called a selep machine is one of the must-have equipment for a flour production business owner. The grinding machine itself is divided into 2 based on its work function, namely the dry flour milling machine and the wet milling machine. Dry flour milling machines are commonly used for grinding rice flour, corn flour, soybeans, coffee, beans, and other dry materials. One example of a flour milling machine or dry slip machine is JIMO FFC-15.

JIMO FFC-15 uses a gasoline engine or gasoline engine as a source of propulsion. This JIMO flour milling machine or machine requires a power of 1.1 KW and an engine speed of 2840 rpm. The JIMO FFC-15 slep machine has a machine weight of 18 kg and has a machine dimension that is not too big, so that users will have no trouble placing the JIMO flour grinding machine and machine. JIMO FFC-15 can grind or grind dry raw materials up to 28 kg per hour, so this machine is suitable for small-scale dry flour production business owners.

You can get this JIMO flour milling machine at the DAIHO Machinery shop which sells a variety of machines, ranging from agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, to ship or boat engines. DAIHO Mesin sells JIMO flour milling machine and RHINO wet grinding machine complete with engine chassis or frame as well as reliable after-sales service. The price of the flour milling machine varies from around 600 thousand in accordance with the specifications of the machine. To get product information and price quotes for the best flour milling machines, you can visit our shop or contact our marketing team at the number listed on the website.


Power: 1.1 KW

Speed: 2840 rpm

Weight: 18 kg

Output: 28 kg / h

Overall Dimension: 630 x 310 x 345 cm

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