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Diesel Engine WEIFANG 495G WF (35 KW)

Rp. 31,500,000
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16 Mar 2023
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Specification of Diesel Engine WEIFANG 495G WF (35 KW)

WEIFANG 495G WF Diesel Engine (35 KW)



The WEIFANG 495G WF is a multi-cylinder (4-cylinder) diesel engine with a power of 35 KW and an engine speed of 2000 rpm. This 4-cylinder diesel engine is often used to drive ship engines or gearboxes. In addition, this 35 KW diesel engine can also be assembled into a 30 KW generator.



The WEIFANG 495G WF is a 4-cylinder diesel engine that is often used to drive or drive engine power sources, such as ship engines, gearbox engines, generators, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, and machines for project needs. Diesel engines are known for their high levels of engine durability and optimal engine performance. Diesel engines can also be relied on for tough work needs, such as factories, industries, projects.

The WEIFANG 495G WF 4-cylinder diesel engine has an engine weight of up to half a ton or 581 kg. This 4-cylinder diesel engine is capable of producing power up to 35,300 watts or 35 KW and a maximum output of 36,400 watts. The WEIFANG 495G WF has an engine speed of 2000 rpm. For those of you who are in need of a diesel-fueled propulsion engine or a diesel engine to operate a ship engine or marine gearbox and make a generator assembly, the WEIFANG 495G 4-cylinder diesel engine can be the most appropriate diesel engine choice.

Not only selling single-cylinder diesel engines, we also provide 4-cylinder diesel engines to complement the machining needs of various business sectors in Indonesia. We sell 4 cylinder diesel engines with the WEIFANG brand and several specifications to choose from as needed. The price of the 4 cylinder diesel engine that we offer varies. You can directly visit our store or contact our team at the number listed to get product information and the best price quote for the 4 cylinder diesel engine.



Rated Output: 35.3 KW

Max Output: 36.4 KW

Rated Speed: 2000 rpm

Weight: 581 kg

Dimension: 135 x 55 x 125 mm

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