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Diesel Engine SWAN R-185H (10.5 HP)

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04 Apr 2024
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SWAN R-185H Diesel Engine (10.5 PK)


SWAN R-185H is an internal combustion motor or internal combustion that converts diesel fuel into motion or kinetic energy. The SWAN R-185H diesel engine has a power of 10.5 PK and uses a tank or hopper water cooling as the engine cooling system. This 10 PK diesel engine is suitable for use as a driving force for water pump machines, compressors, rice grinders, disk mill penepung machines, grinding machines.


SWAN R-185H is a diesel engine that is commonly used in areas with limited access to electricity, such as rural areas, forest areas, marine areas, remote areas, and other areas with minimal electricity. The diesel engine was chosen because this engine has heat-resistant properties, is not easy to overheat, is durable for long-term use, is fuel efficient, and is able to produce more optimal engine performance.

The SWAN R-185H diesel engine can generate power (power) of 10.5 PK which is compatible for disc mill polishing machines, grinding grinding machines, boat or boat engines, rice mills, and diesel engines for motor washing combined with the SCN-35A sprayer . The SWAN R-185H diesel engine uses swirl combustion chamber combustion technology, so the engine injector nozzle is guaranteed not to be damaged easily. For the engine cooling system, the SWAN R-185H uses a water cooling hopper or tank.

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Type: Single-Cylinder, Four-stroke

Combustion System: Swirl Combustion Chamber

Bore x Stroke: 85 x 90 mm

Compression Ratio: 21 ± 1

Max. Output (KW / rpm): 10.5HP / 2600

Specific Fuel Consumption (g / kw h): ≤274.7

Specific Lube Oil Consumption (g / kw h): ≤4.08

Cooling System: Hopper Water Cooling

Starting Method: Hand Cranking

Net Weight: 95 kg

Method of Power Output: Flywheel End Output

Overall Dimension: 670 x 378 x 560 mm

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