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Diesel Engine SWAN R-180N (8 HP)

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15 Dec 2023
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SWAN R-180N Diesel Engine (8 PK)


SWAN R-180N is a single cylinder diesel engine with 8 PK power and a radiator cooling system to maintain engine temperature stability (not overheating). SWAN R-180N has an engine weight of 72 kg and an engine speed of 2600 rpm. The SWAN R-180N diesel engine can be the right choice for those of you who need an 8 PK diesel engine to be used for a relatively long time.


SWAN R-180N is one of the SWAN brand diesel engines which is often applied to drive machines for daily needs, such as disc mill penepung machines, grinding machines, water pumps, ship engines, boat engines, compressors, and moving electric dynamos. Diesel engines have better combustion efficiency and produce more optimal engine performance. In addition, the diesel engine is also guaranteed to be more economical, more durable and heat resistant.

The SWAN R-180N diesel engine is capable of producing power or an output of 8 PK and uses the swirl combustion chamber combustion technology (navel model combustion chamber). For the cooling system, the SWAN R-180N uses a radiator. Diesel engine with radiator cooling system can be used continuously for approximately 10 hours without adding cooling water to the tank. This is the reason why the SWAN R-180N diesel engine is suitable for use for a longer period of time.

To get the best and best quality diesel engine, you can find out in advance how much PK power is needed and how long it will take to use the engine. If the diesel engine is to be used for a long time of about 10 hours, then a diesel engine with radiator coolant such as the SWAN R-180N would be the most ideal option. You can do a product consultation with our team to find out which diesel engine is suitable for your needs. Please contact our team at the number on the website and get the best diesel engine price quote.


Type: Single-Cylinder, Four-stroke

Combustion System: Swirl Combustion Chamber

Bore x Stroke: 80 x 80 mm

Compression Ratio: 21 ± 1

Max. Output (KW / rpm): 8HP / 2600

Specific Fuel Consumption (g / kw h): ≤278.8

Specific Lube Oil Consumption (g / kw h): ≤4.08

Cooling System: Radiator

Starting Method: Hand Cranking

Net Weight: 72 kg

Method of Power Output: Flywheel End Output

Overall Dimension: 625 x 341 x 464 mm

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