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Diesel Engine AMEC S-1115 (25 HP)

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03 May 2023
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Specification of Diesel Engine AMEC S-1115 (25 HP)

Diesel Engine AMEC S-1115 (25 PK)


AMEC S-1115 is an internal combustion engine that uses diesel fuel. The AMEC S-1115 diesel engine can produce 25 PK of power which can be applied to penepung machines, rice polisher machines, coffee powder machines, compressors, boat engines, electric dynamos, asphalt cutting machines, pond pumps, generators, and sound systems.


AMEC S-1115 is one of the AMEC brand diesel engines which has the characteristics of heat resistance, strength, high durability, fuel economy and optimal engine performance. Diesel engines are used as a substitute for electricity and are commonly used in areas where electricity is not reached, for example in rural areas, rice fields, sea, ponds and remote areas. Diesel engines are often used as propulsion or motor for heavy machines, such as asphalt cutting machines, construction machines, ship engines, and other machines.

AMEC S-1115 is a single cylinder diesel engine and direct injection combustion system. The AMEC S-1115 diesel engine can generate power up to 25 PK with an engine speed of 2400 rpm. The engine cooling system uses a hopper water cooling and the starter system uses a hand cranking or crank. The AMEC diesel engine is suitable for application in polisher engines, rice grinders, tractor engines, water pumps or pond pumps, generators, sound systems, and boat engines.

You can get this diesel engine at the DAIHO Engine shop which sells diesel engines with various specifications, ranging from 6 PK to 70 PK which can be selected as needed. The price of the diesel engine is also priced reasonable according to the specifications and engine quality. You can visit the shop or contact DAIHO Engine support team to get product info and the best diesel engine price quote.


Type: Single Cylinder, Four Stroke

Combustion System: Direct Injection

Displacement: 1.195 L

Rated Output: 25 HP

Rated Speed: 2400 rpm

Specific Fuel Consumption (g / kw h): ≤244.8

Specific Lube Oil Consumption (g / kw h): ≤2.72

Cooling Method: Hopper Water Cooling

Starting Method: Hand Cranking

Net Weight: 185 kg

Method of Power Output: Flywheel End Output

Overall Dimension: 900 x 450 x 700 mm

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