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Diesel Engine AMEC S-1110 without Hopper (22 HP)

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04 Apr 2024
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AMEC S-1110 T / T (22 PK)


AMEC S-1110 T / T is a diesel engine that has engine specifications similar to the AMEC S-1110. Both diesel engines have a power of 22 PK with an engine speed of 2400 rpm, but the AMEC S-1110 T / T does not have a tube (hopper) and is smaller than the AMEC S-1110.


The AMEC S-1110 T / T diesel propulsion engine is a diesel powered engine that is used as a power source for penepung engines, ship engines, boat engines, generators, water pumps, asphalt cutting machines, sound system engines, project machines, and other engine needs. . Diesel engines have advantages over gasoline engines, which are more durable and long lasting, better engine performance, more fuel efficient, and can be used for the long term.

The AMEC S-1110 T / T diesel engine actually has the same specifications as the AMEC S-1110. Both AMEC diesel engines are included in the type of single cylinder diesel engine. AMEC S-1110 T / T also has a power of 22 PK and an engine speed of 2400 rpm. In addition, the AMEC S-1110 T / T diesel engine also uses a crank or hand cranking to start the engine. What distinguishes the two diesel engines is that the AMEC S-1110 T / T does not have a tank and uses a water cooling system, and has a smaller engine size.

You can find AMEC diesel engines in stores that sell diesel engines and propulsion engines, such as DAIHO Engines. We provide diesel engines with diesel engine prices that vary depending on the amount of power (PK) generated. You can do an engine consultation in advance with our support team to determine which type and type of diesel engine is suitable for your needs. Please contact our team at the number listed and complete your machine needs with DAIHO Machinery.


Type: Single Cylinder, Four Stroke

Combustion System: Direct Injection

Displacement: 1.093 L

Rated Output: 22 HP

Rated Speed: 2400 rpm

Specific Fuel Consumption (g / kw h): ≤244.8

Specific Lube Oil Consumption (g / kw h): ≤2.72

Cooling Method: Water Cooling

Starting Method: Hand Cranking

Net Weight: 180 kg

Method of Power Output: Flywheel End Output

Overall Dimension: 858 x 450 x 699 mm

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