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Destoner Machine DAIHO JQSX-125

Rp. 62,500,000
Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
Minimum Order
1 Unit

Specification of Destoner Machine DAIHO JQSX-125

De-Stoner Machine DAIHO JQSX-125


DAIHO JQSX-125 is a de stoner machine that has the largest stone and rice sorting capacity in its class, up to 8 tons per hour. The DAIHO JQSX-125 de stoner stone and rice separator can remove the stone and gravel mixture from rice more effectively with a double layer method. Apart from being able to remove dirt and stones from rice, this machine is also suitable for sorting stones in grains and nuts.


The existence of alsintan (agricultural machine tools) has proven to be effective in increasing the productivity and quality of agricultural products. The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture is also boosting agricultural production with the help of agricultural machinery. Alsintan is considered to have a vital role in agriculture, especially in making all farming operations faster and more efficient. Alsintan is also expected to be a trigger for technological transformation to farmers towards more modern agriculture. One of the alsintan that is often used in the post-production stage is a de stoner or a stone separator.

De stoner DAIHO JQSX-125 is a rice and stone sorting machine, where the stones are separated from the rice to produce premium rice. This rice de stoner is the stone separator with the largest capacity in its class. DAIHO JQSX-125 is capable of processing 6 - 8 tonnes of rice per hour and separating it from rocks and gravel mixtures. This machine is also more energy efficient and only requires a driving power of 1.5 KW + 7.5 KW. DAIHO JQSX-125 is the best solution for agribusiness and agricultural industries who are in need of a high capacity de-stoner machine at an affordable price.

DAIHO Machinery sells quality machinery complete with warranty and reliable after-service. We sell de stoner starting from the price of 30 million with various types of options to choose from as needed. We also sell other agricultural machine tools, including water pumps or irrigation pumps, agricultural sprayers, huskers or hullers, rice polisher, rice bleach, rice polishing machines, rice separator, rice sieve, and de stoner. To get a product that suits your needs, please contact us at the number listed and get free machine consultation service and the best machine discount.


Output: 6-8 ton / hour

Power : 1.5 KW + 7.5 KW

Weight: 450 kg

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