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Gasoline Engine DAIHO GX-200 (6.5 HP)

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04 Apr 2024
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DAIHO GX-200 Gasoline Engine (6.5 PK)


DAIHO GX-200 is an internal combustion engine that functions as a motor for other engines. DAIHO GX-200 uses gasoline which is more environmentally friendly. For those of you who need a gasoline engine or gasoline engine with a power of 6.5 PK, the DAIHO GX-200 can be the most appropriate engine option.


DAIHO GX-200 is an internal combustion engine that performs the internal combustion process in the engine to produce output power. Simply put, gasoline engines use gasoline as a source of energy. This power is used to drive other machines, such as moving the penepung engine, moving the propeller of the ship, driving the pump engine, driving the motor washing sprayer, and various other machines.

The DAIHO GX-200 petrol engine is capable of generating power of 6.5 PK and has a rotation speed of 3600 rpm. DAIHO gasoline engine uses as much as 230g / PS-hr of gasoline. The petrol tank of the DAIHO GX-200 engine can store up to 3.6 liters of fuel. The DAIHO GX-200 is also equipped with a recoil strap to start the engine by pulling it (rope pull). The DAIHO GX-200 petrol engine is suitable for driving boat engines, penepung or diskmills, grinders or grinding machiners, sprayers, and fishing nets.

Now you can buy the DAIHO GX-200 gasoline engine gasoline engine at gasoline engine sales shops and sell diesel engines such as DAIHO Engine. DAIHO Engines provides a wide selection of petrol and diesel engines at affordable prices starting from IDR 1 million. The price of a gasoline engine varies depending on the amount of power (PK) required. Please visit the shop or call us at the number listed on the website to get information on the propulsion engine or gasoline engine that is suitable for your business needs only at DAIHO Engines.


Engine Type: Air Cooled 4-stroke OHV 25 ° inclined Cylinder Horizontal Shaft

Displacement: 196

Bore x Stroke: 68 x 45 mm

Compression Ratio: 7.65: 1

Maximum Power Output: 6.5PS / 3600rpm

Maximum Torque (kg.m): 1.35 / 2500rpm

Ignition System: Transistorized Magneto

Starting System: Recoil

Air Cleaner: Dual Silent (Semi Dry)

Oil Capacity: 0.6 L

Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.6 L

Fuel Consumption: 230g / PS-hr

Dry Weight: 16 kg

Dimension (LxWxH): 313 x 376 x 335 mm

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