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Cultivator DAIHO MGC 135 E

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13 Dec 2023
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Cultivator DAIHO MGC-135E



The DAIHO MGC-135E cultivator is a rice plowing machine that has a 6 speed gearbox and uses diesel fuel, so the engine can work more optimally and is more powerful / powerful. The DAIHO MGC-135E can plowed rice fields to a depth of 10 cm and a plow area of ​​up to 105 cm. This machine can also be used to make trenches up to 35 cm wide and 30 cm deep.



A cultivator or mini tractor is one of the tools and agricultural machinery (alsintan) that is often used to plow or loosen rice fields. This machine is considered more effective and efficient compared to traditional techniques, such as buffalo power. One of the newest cultivators of the DAIHO brand which is now being used frequently by modern farmers is the DAIHO MGC-135E cultivator. The DAIHO MGC-135E cultivator uses diesel or diesel fuel which is guaranteed to be stronger and more heat resistant.

The DAIHO MGC-135E mini cultivator or tractor is capable of chopping or pulverizing rice fields to a depth of 10 cm with an area of ​​105 cm. Unlike the previous DAIHO mini tractor, this DAIHO MGC-135E cultivator utilizes diesel or diesel as its fuel with a tank capacity of 5.5 liters. That way, DAIHO MGC-135E is more resistant to heat and more powerful. This DAIHO cultivator has a gearbox that functions to transfer the driving force to the engine you want to move, so that the DAIHO MGC-135E is able to work more optimally.

Now you can get DAIHO MGC-135E at agricultural equipment stores such as Akor Machinery and DAIHO Machinery. We sell agricultural machinery and other agricultural machinery, ranging from water pumps, sprayers, planters or hand push seeders, rice polishing machines or rice polishers, cultivators, and many other machines complete with propulsion engines, both propulsion engines or gasoline and diesel engines. . You can get the price of cultivators and other agricultural machinery by calling the number listed on the website or visiting the DAIHO shop at Jalan Kembang Jepun No. 36 Surabaya or visit the nearest DAIHO authorized reseller store in your city.



Engine Model : 86FD

Machine Capacity: 418 ml

Fuel Capacity: 5.5 liter

Compression Ratio : 20 : 1

Transmission: Gear

Gear Type : Gearbox 6 speed (4 fwd. + 2 rev.)

Wheel Type: 440 iron wheel

Plow Area Width: 105 cm

Plow Area Depth : 10 cm

Trench Area Width : 25 - 35 cm

Trench Area Depth : 15 - 30 cm

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