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Marine Gearbox Tool RHINO 16A

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03 May 2023
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Specification of Marine Gearbox Tool RHINO 16A

RHINO 16A Boat Gearbox



RHINO 16A is a ship gearbox or ship engine which functions to transmit power or engine power from the engine to other ship engine parts, so that the ship unit can be operated and moved or shifted forward or backward. The RHINO 16A gearbox engine has a ship thrust of 3.5 KN and a center distance of 135 mm.



Marine gearbox or marine gearbox is a machine used to transfer power from a motor or propulsion engine, such as a diesel engine to other ship engines, so that the ship can be driven and operated completely. Marine gearbox or ship gearbox is often used by sailors, fishermen, or ship and boat users. In addition, the ship's gearbox is also used to regulate the speed of motion and regulate the motion of the ship.

RHINO 16A ship gearbox can be operated with the help of a propulsion engine or a diesel engine with a power of 33 PK and a rotation of 2000 rpm, such as the AMEC S-1130. The RHINO 16A ship gearbox has a center distance of 135 mm and an engine speed of 1000 - 2000 rpm. This ship engine with a weight of 100 kg is capable of generating thrust up to 3.5 KN and has a ratio of 2.5: 1 and 3: 1.The RHINO 16A marine gearbox is very suitable for use as a complement to the best sailing engines in its class.

Before buying a marine gearbox or marine gearbox, make sure you know what ratio and propulsion you need. Now you can consult your marine gearbox needs with our support team through the number listed on the website. In addition, get the best marine gearbox price quote by visiting the DAIHO Engine shop that sells marine gearbox ships complete with motor or engine driving. Also visit our product page to get the most complete product information or contact us to find out the machine specifications according to your needs.



Max: 33HP / 2000rpm

Center Distance: 135 mm

Engine Speed: 1000-2000 rpm

Rated Propeller Thrust: 3.5 KN

Weight: 100 kg

Dimension: 422 x 325 x 563 mm

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