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Marine Gear box RHINO 06

Rp. 4,900,000
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03 May 2023
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Specification of Marine Gear box RHINO 06

RHINO Boat Gearbox 06



RHINO 06 ship gearbox is a ship or boat engine with a boat thrust of up to 1.8 KN and a ratio of 2.5: 1.The RHINO 06 ship gearbox has a center distance of 124 mm and an engine speed of 1000 - 2100 rpm. The RHINO 06 ship gearbox requires a 12.5 PK propulsion engine with a rotation of 2100 rpm, like the AMEC S-195.



A marine gearbox or ship gearbox is a machine specially designed to power or operate a ship. The working principle of the marine gearbox or ship gearbox is to transmit the power generated by the rotation of the motor or engine (diesel engine) to one of the other parts of the ship's engine, so that the ship can move and can be operated. Simply put, the gearbox plays a role in transferring and transmitting power from the driving engine to another engine.

Marine gearboxes or marine gearboxes are commonly used by fishermen or other boat and boat users. RHINO 06 ship gearbox can be driven using a propulsion engine or a 12.5 PK diesel engine and 2100 rpm engine speed. This RHINO marine gearbox has a center distance of 124 mm and a 2.5: 1 ratio, as well as an engine speed of 1000 - 2100 rpm. For the thrust of the ship, the RHINO 06 marine gearbox itself is 1.8 KN.

For those of you who are in need of a boat engine or boat engine at a fairly affordable price, RHINO 06 can be the best marine gearbox or boat gearbox option. You can get this ship gearbox at the DAIHO Engine shop which sells several options for ship gearboxes and other ship engines. DAIHO Engine also provides propulsion engines, both diesel engines and gasoline engines as the best motor or source of propulsion. Please visit our store or contact our marketing team at the number listed to get more gearbox info and offer the best boat gearbox prices.



Max: 12.5HP / 2100rpm

Center Distance: 124 mm

Engine Speed: 1000-2100 rpm

Rated Propeller Thrust: 1.8 KN

Weight: 69 kg

Dimension: 350 x 316 x 482 mm

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