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Electric Dynamo DAIHO STD 7.5

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04 Apr 2024
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DAIHO STD-7.5 Electric Dynamo



DAIHO STD-7.5 is an electric dynamo or alternator designed with copper material as a good producer and conductor of electricity. The DAIHO STD-7.5 electric dynamo is included in the 3 phase dynamo category which produces 7500 watts of electricity and a total electricity output of 9 KVA. DAIHO STD-7.5 is suitable to accommodate electricity needs in factories or industries.



The electric dynamo is a useful tool to convert mechanical energy or motion energy into electrical energy. Based on the type of phase, dynamo is divided into 2 types, namely 1 phase and 3 phase. A 3-phase electric dynamo is a dynamo or alternator that has 3 wires with electric voltage and 1 neutral wire. Usually, 3-phase electric dynamos are more often used in large-scale businesses that require a lot of electricity and large electrical power, such as factories or industries.

DAIHO STD-7.5 is an electric dynamo or 3 phase alternator that produces electrical energy. The DAIHO STD-7.5 electric dynamo can produce up to 7500 watts of electrical energy or a total electricity output of up to 9 KVA. Dinamo DAIHO STD-7.5 uses copper as a coil and the engine body, so that this machine is guaranteed to be more durable and can conduct electricity better. This DAIHO 3 phase dynamo has an engine weight of 102 kg with an engine rotation speed of 1500 rpm. DAIHO STD-7.5 3 phase electric dynamo is suitable for meeting the needs of electric current in factories and industries, to project needs.

Now you can get a 3 phase electric dynamo for your business needs at the official DAIHO distributor, namely the DAIHO Machine. DAIHO Machinery sells quality electric dynamo complete with after-sales service. The price of the electric dynamo that we offer varies from around 4 million, which you can choose according to your needs. Immediately visit our store or contact our team at the number listed and get special machine discounts only at DAIHO Machines!



Number of Phase: 3

Rated Output: 7.5 KW

Rated Output: 9 KVA

Speed: 1500 r / min

Weight: 102 kg

Dimension: 57 x 29 x 45 cm

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