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Electric Dynamo DAIHO STD 12

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04 Apr 2024
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DAIHO STD-12 Electric Dynamo



DAIHO STD-12 is a 3 phase electric alternator or dynamo with an electrical output capacity of 12000 watts or 15 KVA. This 15 KVA electric dynamo has an engine rotation speed of 1500 rpm. This machine is designed from copper material which is known to be able to conduct electric current well. The DAIHO STD-12 3 phase electric dynamo can be the right choice for those of you who need a source of electric propulsion for the needs of factories, industries, projects and other large businesses.



The electric dynamo is a means of producing electrical energy (generator) through the working principle of electromagnetism which converts mechanical energy or motion energy into electrical energy. The wire in an electric dynamo will create a magnetic field and a magnetic force to propel electrons in the metal. This rotating magnet will produce an electric current. Electric dynamo is commonly used as a power plant for household to industrial purposes. In addition, electric dynamos are also often used for waterwheels, water pumps, bicycles and compressors.

The DAIHO STD-12 alternator is a 3-phase electric dynamo. The DAIHO STD-12 electric dynamo has 4 wires, namely 1 neutral wire and 3 live wires. The DAIHO STD-12 electric dynamo can generate electricity up to 12000 watts or 15 KVA. DAIHO alternator rotational speed is 1500 rpm. DAIHO STD-12 alternator weighs 112 kg with dimensions of 60 x 34 x 49 cm. The DAIHO STD-12 3 phase alternator is suitable for large-scale business needs, factory machines, industrial machines, and project needs.

To meet the needs of electric propulsion in various business sectors in Indonesia, DAIHO Mesin as the official distributor of the DAIHO brand provides the most complete and high quality alternator. DAIHO Mesin sells 1 phase and 3 phase electric dynamo alternators at reasonable prices along with trusted after-sales service. The price of a 3 phase electric dynamo varies depending on the output produced. To find out complete information about an electric dynamo or alternator and the best price for an electric dynamo, you can visit the shop or contact our team at the number listed.



Number of Phase: 3

Rated Output: 12 KW

Rated Output: 15 KVA

Speed: 1500 r / min

Weight: 112 kg

Dimension: 60 x 34 x 49 cm

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