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Electric Dynamo DAIHO STD 10

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04 Apr 2024
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DAIHO STD-10 Electric Dynamo



DAIHO STD-10 is an electric dynamo with a simple design made of copper which is known as the best conductor of electricity. The 3 phase electric dynamo DAIHO STD-10 can produce electrical energy up to 10,000 watts or 13 KVA. The 3 phase dynamo is suitable for those of you who need an electric motor or engine driving power for use in factories and industries.



Electricity is the most important energy, especially for the continuity of the operational processes of a business or business. Therefore, many business owners use a backup electrical energy source that comes from mechanical energy. To convert motion or mechanical energy into electrical energy, a machine or motor is needed called a dynamo. The dynamo can be divided into 2 based on its phase, namely a 1-phase dynamo and a 3-phase dynamo. In addition to having different electrical power production capabilities, these two dynamos have different work systems and useful functions.

The DAIHO STD-10 electric dynamo is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy with 3 live wires and 1 neutral wire (3 phase). DAIHO STD-10 3 phase electric dynamo is designed with a sturdy copper material that can conduct electric current better. Dinamo DAIHO STD-10 can generate electrical energy of 10,000 watts or a total electrical output of 13 KVA. This 3 phase dynamo with a capacity of 13 KVA is suitable for accommodating the needs of electricity or power for factory machines or industrial machines.

DAIHO Engines as the official distributor of the DAIHO brand provides various types of alternators or electric dynamos, both single-phase and 3-phase dynamos. The price of an electric dynamo varies according to the specifications for the type of phase and the output of the electricity produced. DAIHO Mesin also sells brushless alternator or stamfor dynamo, both single bearing and double bearing. You can contact our team at the number listed on the website to find out the type of alternator that is suitable for your business needs and also get the best DAIHO alternator price quote.



Number of Phase: 3

Rated Output: 10 KW

Rated Output: 13 KVA

Speed: 1500 r / min

Weight: 111 kg

Dimension: 60 x 34 x 49 cm

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