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Electric Dynamo DAIHO SD 10

Rp. 6,800,000
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04 Apr 2024
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DAIHO SD-10 Electric Dynamo



DAIHO SD-10 is an electric dynamo that produces electrical energy (generator) with copper material which is known as the best conductor of electricity. The electric dynamo SD-10 can produce electric power up to 10,000 watts or 10 KVA with an engine speed of 1500 rpm. The DAIHO SD-10 electric dynamo is suitable for use as a driving force for flour milling machines, seasoning milling machines, generators, rice or rice grinding machines, and many other machines.



The electric dynamo is a machine that converts motion energy into electrical energy. An electric dynamo or alternator is often used in places where there is no power, such as rural areas, forest areas, rural areas, and other places where there is no electricity. The electric dynamo is used as the driving force (motor) of the engine. Therefore, electric dynamos are often used as a source of backup electrical energy in various businesses or businesses in Indonesia.

DAIHO SD-10 is a single phase electric dynamo from the DAIHO brand that can generate electrical energy of 10,000 watts or 10 KVA with an engine rotation speed of 1500 rpm. This electric dynamo has an engine weight of 141 kg and dimensions of 61 x 34 x 49 cm. This 10 KVA electric dynamo is very suitable for use as a driving force for dry mills or disk mills, wet mills or grinding machines, generators, boat or ship engines, rice grinding machines, mining machines, and other machines.

DAIHO alternator or electric dynamo can now be found in stores and authorized distributors of the DAIHO brand such as DAIHO Engine. DAIHO machines sell electric dynamos ranging from 3 KVA to 63 KVA, both single phase and 3 phase with trusted after-sales service. The price of the electric dynamo offered varies depending on the specifications of the electric dynamo. To get information and offer the best electric dynamo price according to your needs, please visit the shop or contact us at the number listed.



Number of Phase: 1

Rated Output: 10 KW

Rated Output: 10 KVA

Speed: 1500 r / min

Weight: 141 kg

Dimension: 61 x 34 x 49 cm

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