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Diesel Genset DAIHO DSG 12000

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12 Jun 2024
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Diesel Genset
Diesel generator DSG-12000 is a generator set or generator engine with an rated output of 11000 Watt. Generator is mainly used as an alternative electricity energy when the lights went out. In fact, generator has been a primary need for people live in a rural, the place with no electricity energy, and the building which require a 24-hour electricity source such as hospital.
You don’t need to spend more budget, DSG-1200 uses diesel as its fuel. Diesel has a relatively cheaper than gasoline. In addition, this diesel generator set is able to produce higher energy than gasoline generator. This is the reason why some business owner decide their choices on using diesel engine for transportation and several heavy equipment.
Diesel generator DSG-12000 has guaranteed its durability, because diesel engines are usually heat-resistant, otherwise gasoline engine results its heat easier. DSG-12000 has been equipped several sensors, such as oil sensors to anticipate the engine is not easily damaged becaused of using a dirty oil or lack of oil in the engine. Furthermore, DSG-12000 has an Hour Meter sensor to remind users when they have to do maintenance their generator.
This generator set is suitable for those of you who need a backup power source for offices, clinics, hospitals, and projects. CV. Akor Diesel provides some variant types of high-quality generators in Surabaya with a reliable warranty and after-sales service. We have 1000 Watt to 150,000 Watt generator sets, such as ED-2200, DSG-8000, EXM-7000DXS, ED-3500DXS, GF3-LV140SA you can choose according to your necessary. Please contact us via our number or live chat to get more information about ordering, prices, and generator specifications.
Specification of Diesel Genset Daiho DSG-12000
Rated Output : 11000 Watt
Max Output : 12000 Watt
Engine Model : KD292F
Starting System : Electric
Displacement : 997 mL
Fuel Consumption : ≤ 4.58 L/h
Lube Capacity : 2.75 L
Fuel Capacity : 40 L
Voltage : 220 V
Rated Power : 12 KVA
Frequency : 50 Hz
Phase : Single
Voltage Distortion Rate : ≤ 10%
Ambient Temperature : ≤ 40°C
Power Factor : cosɸ=1.0
Insultation Level : F
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