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De-Stoner Machine DAIHO brand JQSX-85

Rp. 47,500,000
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04 Apr 2024
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De-Stoner Machine DAIHO JQSX-85


DAIHO JQSX-85 is a de-stoner with a stone and rice sorting capacity of 4 - 5 tons per hour. DAIHO JQSX-85 rice de stoner machine has double layers for more effective sorting. This machine only requires driving power with a small power, namely 0.75 KW + 3 KW. DAIHO JQSX-85 is perfect for separating rocks and gravel in rice, grains, beans and other agricultural products.


All sectors of life have now changed along with increasingly rapid technological advances. Not only affects the industrial sector, technology also has a very positive influence and impact on the agricultural sector. The success of this agricultural sector cannot be separated from the role of agricultural machinery or machinery. Agricultural machine tools are now diverse, ranging from hoes, tractors, cultivators, water pumps, agricultural sprayers, harvesting machines, rice processing machines, and many other agricultural machines. By using alsintan, farmers' operational activities are easier, more cost effective, and energy efficient.

DAIHO JQSX-85 is a machine that separates stone or gravel and rice which is commonly used during off-farm processes or agricultural processing. DAIHO JQSX-85 can sort stones or gravel in rice as much as 4 - 5 tons per hour. The de stoner DAIHO JQSX-85 has a double layer to remove or separate the rice from the stone mixture more effectively. The use of the DAIHO JQSX-85 rice de stoner machine does not require a large driving force and does not require a large space or space. DAIHO JQSX is very suitable for use in the stone sorting process from rice, grains, nuts, and other agricultural products.

You can now find agricultural machine tools at DAIHO Machinery agricultural machine shop. We sell de stoner rice as the best solution for stone and rice separator complete with warranty and after sales service. De stoner machine prices and agricultural machine tool prices that we offer vary according to machine specifications. To get product information, machine consulting services, and the best machine price quote, please visit our shop or contact our team at the number listed.


Output: 4-5 ton / hour

Power: 0.75 KW + 3 KW

Weight: 350 kg

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