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DAIHO GSG-8800 (Generator Set 6000 Watt)

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04 May 2023
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Specification of DAIHO GSG-8800 (Generator Set 6000 Watt)


The DAIHO GSG-8800 is a 6000 watt DAIHO silent generator using gasoline with 2 choices of phase types, namely the DAIHO GSG-8800 1 phase generator and the DAIHO GSG-8800 3 phase generator. The DAIHO GSG-8800 generator has an ATS panel so that the generator can turn on automatically when the main PLN power source goes out. The DAIHO GSG-8800 generator is the best generator choice for those of you who need a source of electrical energy for 24 hours non-stop.


DAIHO GSG-8800 is a silent-gasoline DAIHO generator that has 2 types of options based on the type of phase, namely single-phase and 3-phase generators. The DAIHO GSG-8800 generator can turn on automatically when there is a sudden power cut thanks to the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) panel. The ATS panel will work to move the main source of electrical energy (PLN) to a backup energy source (genset) when the main power source goes out. By using the ATS DAIHO generator, business and business activities will not be hampered, remain productive, save time and effort. This is what underlies why business owners who need electricity for 24 hours without stopping really need an ATS generator.

DAIHO GSG-8800 1 phase generator is commonly used for household, home industry, office, and other business or business needs. Meanwhile, the DAIHO GSG-8800 3 phase generator is often found for project, industrial, and some construction needs that require larger generator power. The oil sensor, hours meter, AVR, and circuit breaker are also embedded in the DAIHO GSG-8800 generator.

Now you can get the DAIHO ATS GSG-8800 generator, both 1 phase and 3 phase type only at DAIHO generator distributors. Immediately complete your business needs with DAIHO products now and get the best price quotes only at DAIHO Machines!


Rated Output (KW): 6

Maximum Output (KW): 6.5

Rated Frequency (Hz): 50

Rated AC Voltage (AC): 220

Power Factor: 1

DC Output (V): 12V / 8.3A

Phase: Single Phase

Alternator Type: Self-excited. 2-pole, single phase alternator

Noise Level (at 7m): 58-64

Engine Model: GX-420

Type: Single-cylinder, vertica, 4-stroke air-cooled diesel engine

Displacement (cc): 414

Maximum Output Power (HP): 15

Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 25

Continous Operating Hours: 9

Dimension (mm): 970 x 555 x 780

Dry Weight (kg): 145

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