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DAIHO EDM-13900 (Generator Set 9000 Watt)

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04 Apr 2024
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DAIHO EDM-13900 is a DAIHO brand ATS generator which consists of 2 types of phases, namely 1 phase and 3 phase. This DAIHO generator will turn on automatically when there is a sudden PLN power cut and will automatically shut down when the main power source (PLN) turns on again. DAIHO EDM-13900 is the most appropriate choice for those of you who need a 24-hour non-stop backup source of electrical energy.


The DAIHO EDM-13900 generator is a 9000 watt generator which has 2 variations of the starter (double starter), namely recoil (pull) and electric. This DAIHO generator can be turned on with the recoil system by pulling the lever on the generator engine. In addition, the DAIHO EDM-13900 generator can also be turned on with the starter system, where the user only needs to press the ON / OFF starter button on the generator engine. The DAIHO EDM-13900 generator uses gasoline as its fuel, where the sound generated by a gasoline generator is smoother than a diesel generator.

The DAIHO EDM-13900 generator is equipped with wheels and various sensors, namely the oil sensor, circuit breaker, hours meter, and AVR which ensure the generator set is safer to use. AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) acts as a regulator of voltage stability so that there is no overload which will eventually cause a short circuit. In addition, the DAIHO EDM-13900 generator uses copper wire as a better conductor of electricity than aluminum.

The DAIHO EDM-13900 generator consists of 2 variants, namely a 1-phase generator and a 3-phase generator. DAIHO 1 phase generators are more often used for household needs or small-scale businesses with insufficient electrical power, while DAIHO 3 phase generators are commonly used for factories, industries, projects, malls, and other commercial buildings that require large enough electricity. To get more complete information about generators and other machines, you can visit our shop, the official DAIHO brand generator set distributor or contact us at the number listed.


Model: EDM-13900

Frequency: 50 Hz

Voltage: 220/380 V

Rated Output: 9000 Watts

Max. Output: 9500 Watt

Phase: 1 phase / 3 phase

Fuel: Gasoline

Fuel Tank: 48 L

RPM: 3000

Oil Capacity: 1.4 L

Start Mode: Recoil / Electric

Displacement: 630 cc

Weight: 143 Kg

Dimension: 1000 x 665 x 682 mm

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