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DAIHO DSSG-50 (Generator Set Silent 50 KW)

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04 May 2023
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Specification of DAIHO DSSG-50 (Generator Set Silent 50 KW)


DAIHO DSSG-50 GENSET is a silent generator as well as a diesel generator that has been equipped with AVR and ATS so that the electricity flow remains stable and the generator can turn on automatically when the PLN electricity goes out. This 50 KW or 50,000 watt DAIHO generator can be the best choice for those of you who need a generator for factories, projects, construction, industry, containers, home industry, and several other large businesses.


DAIHO DSSG-50 is a 3 phase generator that produces electricity of 50,000 watts or 50 KW with diesel fuel. This DAIHO generator is a silent type of generator with an electric starter that can be turned on by simply pressing the ON / OFF button. DAIHO DSSG-50 generator can be the best generator for factories, industry, projects, construction and other large-scale businesses.

The DAIHO 3 phase generator has an oil sensor, hours meter, circuit breaker, AVR and ATS. The oil sensor on the generator is useful when the engine lacks oil volume. Hours meter to monitor machine running time. Circuit breaker will work to prevent short circuit caused by excess electric charge. AVR is in charge of maintaining the stability of the flow of electricity. The DAIHO generator will turn on automatically when the main power source (PLN) goes out thanks to the ATS.

You can get the 3 phase DAIHO generator as well as the silent generator at the generator distributor in Surabaya DAIHO Machinery. DAIHO Machinery is an official generator distributor of the DAIHO brand that offers a wide variety of generators with a capacity of 1 - 150 KVA which can be selected as needed. Immediately visit the DAIHO Engine generator generator distributor and get attractive discounts now!


Rated Output: 50000

Maximum Output: 55000

Noise Level (at 7m): <68db


Engine Model: R4105ZD

Fuel Tank Capacity: 165 L

Dimension: 2300 x 1000 x 1300 mm

Dry Weight: 1400 kg

Lubrication Oil Volume: 12 L

Rated Power: 56000 Watt

Standby Power: 61600 Watts

Fuel Consumption (g / kg.h): <231

Cylinder Number: 4

Intaking Method: Turbo Charged Apirated

Starting Method: Electric Starting

Speed: 1500 r / min

Cooling Method: Closed Circulating Cooling


Model / Type: STC-50

Rated Power: 50000 Watt

Rated Current: 90.1 A

Rated Voltage: 400/230 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Power Factor: 0.8 Lagging

Phase / Connection: 3 Phase 4-wire type connection

Excitation: Brush Excitation

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