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Cultivator Mini Tractor DAIHO MGC-80

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04 Apr 2024
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DAIHO MGC-80 Mini Tractor Cultivator


DAIHO MGC-80 cultivator is an agricultural machine used for plowing fields or chopping soil. The DAIHO MGC-80 mini cultivator or tractor has 3 types of claw blades (blades). The DAIHO MGC-80 mini tractor cultivator can chop the soil or plow fields with a depth of ≥10 cm and a width of 100 cm.


Agricultural machinery has undergone many developments along with the development of technology. In the past, farmers relied on cow or buffalo power to plow fields, now farmers can use tractor machines to cultivate land or rice fields. The activity of plowing the fields is often carried out by farmers so that the fields become loose and remove weeds. One of the tractor machines that are often used by farmers in Indonesia is the DAIHO MGC-80 cultivator or mini tractor.

The DAIHO MGC-80 mini tractor cultivator or mini tiller uses a gasoline engine or gasoline engine as the power source. The DAIHO MGC-80 mini rice field tractor requires a power source of 4.2 KW with a rotation of 3600 rpm. This DAIHO rice tractor can overflow rice fields to a depth of ≥10 cm and a reach area of ​​100 cm. In addition, the DAIHO MGC-80 mini tractor is equipped with a choice of 3 types of blades or claw blades to choose from as needed.

You can buy mini rice field tractors or DAIHO MGC-80 cultivators at shops that sell cultivators and mini tractors such as DAIHO Machines. Not only selling cultivators or mini tractors, DAIHO Mesin also sells other agricultural machines or equipment, such as pest sprayers, field irrigation pumps, corn planting tools, grain planting tools, seed or plant planting tools, and so on. The price of the DAIHO mini tractor cultivator is very reasonable in accordance with the specifications offered. You can find out other product info and price offers for DAIHO mini tractor cultivators by contacting our marketing team at the number listed on the website or visiting our shop directly at Jalan Kembang Jepun No. 36 Surabaya.


Engine Model : GX-210

Rated Output : 4.2 KW / 3600 rpm

Driving Mode : Chain & Gear

Gear : R,0,2,1

Till Depth : ≥10 cm

Tilling Width : 100 cm

Blades Type : 3

Tire Type : 4.00-8

Gross Weight : 98 kg

Dimension : 880 x 490 x 780 mm

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