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Concrete Cutter DAIHO DCC 18

Rp. 7,500,000
Last Updated
04 May 2023
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1 Unit

Specification of Concrete Cutter DAIHO DCC 18

DAIHO DCC-18 Concrete Cutter


DAIHO DCC-18 concrete cutter is a construction machine used for cutting roads, asphalt, concrete, castings, and ceramics or tiles. The DAIHO road cutter requires the DAIHO GX-390 petrol engine as its driving force. The DAIHO DCC-18 has a blade diameter of 350 - 500 mm which is capable of producing road cutting depths of up to 180 mm.


Concrete cutter or road cutting machine is usually also referred to as a concrete cutting machine, abrasive saw, concrete saw. DAIHO DCC-18 concrete cutter is a construction machine used for cutting roads, asphalt, concrete, castings, and ceramics or tiles. A perforated road or asphalt usually has an uneven surface, this concrete cutter machine is used to cut the road or asphalt until the hole is in the shape of a box, then construction workers begin to patch the hole with a mixture of asphalt and compact it again. That way, roads or asphalt with holes can be intact and flat again. DAIHO road cutting machines are the most appropriate construction machines for road or asphalt construction projects.

DAIHO concrete cutter machine uses the power source of the 11.7 PK petrol engine. This DAIHO road and concrete cutting machine has a cutting blade diameter of 35 - 50 cm which can be used to produce asphalt or road cutting depths of up to 18 cm. The linear speed of the DAIHO DCC-18 concrete and road cutter machine is 90 meters per second. By using the DAIHO DCC-18, cutting activities for roads, asphalt, concrete, cast, ceramic or tiles becomes easier and more practical.

You can find this road cutter or concrete cutter at DAIHO Machinery, the official distributor of DAIHO brand machines. DAIHO Mesin sells several construction machines, ranging from stampers, road and concrete cutting machines, concrete vibrators, trowel machines, and double drum rollers. To find out information on other construction machinery products and price quotes for road cutting machines or concrete cutters, you can contact our marketing team or visit our shop which is located at Jalan Kembang Jepun No. 36 Surabaya.


Incise Depth: 180 mm

Linear Velocity: 90 m / s

Power: 10 - 13 HP

Rating Rotal Speed: 3600 rpm

Water Tank Capacity: 32 L

Blade Diameter: 350 - 500 mm

Engine Choice: GX-390

Weight: 127 kg

Dimension: 130 x 50 x 95 cm

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